Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wheel Of Fortune - My Wedges

Do What Comes Naturally by Rina Drescher

Your Secrets Are Very Well Hidden by Rina Drescher

Beware of Love Triangles by Rina Drescher

An Adventure Awaits You by Rina Drescher

You Are Very Beautiful All The Time by Rina Drescher

These are my wheel wedges that were at Foo Fest this weekend! They were part of an awesome project that I will continue to participate in.

The Wheel Of Fortunes by Natasha Maria Brooks-Sperduti + Sam Holland

Natasha Maria Brooks-Sperduti uses the motion of her body to make site-specific sculpture and installation. Her actions trace a boundary between our tangible world and another, less visible reality. Continuing her investigation of gesture, the spiral, and the invisible divine, she and collaborator Sam Holland present A Wheel of Fortunes. They invite Foo-goers to enter into their oracular lair, open up to possibility, take their chances and spin the wheel. Each spot on the wheel is an original work of art, created by one of dozens of artists just for you, dear spinners. And like a tarot, it foretells your future. Worry not! They will help you interpret, just remember, they are only the messengers!

See more photos of The Wheel Of Fortunes + it's art wedges HERE


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