Friday, April 12, 2013

The World Traveling Art Book


This is my entry for The World Traveling Art Book. I just finished it. The World Traveling Art Book is a collaborative artist book that will be traveling the world this year, becoming more and more interesting at every stop along the way.

You can follow it's progress via it's Facebook page here>

It will go from artist to artist based on whoever privately messages the artist who has it, once they post their entry on it's Facebook page. Keep an eye on that Facebook page, and you might win it & be able to participate as one of the artists.

It was started by artist Sara Pulver, and once it is completed it will return to her and she will auction it off on Ebay. So, you might even be able to win it on Ebay once it is complete! The proceeds will benefit a charity that all of the participating artists mutually agree on. :-)

All Images © Rina Miriam Drescher 2000 - 2015

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